Please Support The Pinnacle Foundation – End Of Financial Year Donations.

This year The Pinnacle Foundation is supporting 29 LGBTIQ+ students across Australia by providing both a financial scholarship, and matching them up with a mentor to help guide them on their journey.

We want to help LGBTIQ+ students create the lives they dream of so, that they can act as future role models for others. Our aim is to have enough money to fund many scholarships every year and with the continued support of our Community, to strengthen our national presence.

As the only not for profit foundation in Australia that is doing this, we do not receive any government assistance, and rely fully on the generous support of our donors. Whether they be our fantastic corporate supporters such as The Commonwealth Bank of Australia and QBE Insurance Group, to our individual donors, who donate either as a one-off or recurring contribution, to our Cornerstone Members who donate a significant amount, as a way to support and give back to our community.

Our board and volunteer management team work hard in supporting the Pinnacle Foundation, and helping it grow – from fundraising, marketing, the Scholar Selection Committee, managing our mentor database, and being there for our scholars – past and present.

To help us continue making a difference in the lives of those young LGBTIQ+ Students, and helping us to grow our funds so we can help even more in the future, please consider making a contribution, here.

Thanks as always for your support and interest in The Pinnacle Foundation!

– Sean Linkson, Chief Executive Officer