Pippa Downes, Non-Executive Director retires from The Pinnacle Foundation Board.

By December 1, 2018Uncategorized

Pippa Downes has this week decided not to stand for re-election to the Board of The Pinnacle Foundation after many years of dedicated service and tireless commitment.

“After 8 wonderful years and having completed my work in establishing the investment framework for The Pinnacle Foundation, now is a perfect opportunity to focus on my other commitments and to allow for board renewal,” said Pippa, of her decision not to serve another three-year term.

“Since she first joined The Pinnacle Foundation board in January 2011, Pippa has made a big contribution to the financial success and visibility of the Pinnacle Foundation in both the business and wider community”, said Sean Linkson Non-Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Pinnacle Foundation. “Her efforts as both a Board member and generous benefactor have ensured The Pinnacle Foundation is held in the highest esteem across both the LGBTIQ+ and wider community.”

Pippa was the Foundation’s original female Cornerstone Donor, creating the first ever scholarship for an LGBTIQ+ athlete competing or training at the national level and aspiring to represent Australia.

“Pippa’s enormous drive in promoting and connecting the Foundation to her business and personal networks has underpinned our financial growth”, acknowledged Paul Zahra, The Pinnacle Foundation Chair, “and these benefits will be enjoyed by our scholars for many years to come.”

“Pippa has established an innovative and professional investment policy and mobilised a first-class Investment Committee,” said Janine Middleton, CEO of the The Pinnacle Foundation, “Thanks to Pippa’s efforts this will ensure our endowment will be prudently and optimally managed for the long term.”

Throughout her time on the board Pippa has been passionate about The Pinnacle Foundation showcasing and promoting visible and successful lesbian role models both to each other and to the next generation of scholars.

“I have loved my time at The Pinnacle Foundation, especially working with so many inspirational and wonderful women, whose efforts have underpinned the success of The Pinnacle Foundation” said Pippa, “and I look forward to its continuing success.”