The Pinnacle Foundation provides educational scholarships, mentoring and opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ Australians to realise their full potential and overcome challenges arising from their identity. We rely on the generosity of our individual donors, philanthropic and corporate partners, and the passionate contributions of 115 volunteers and three staff to deliver our program across Australia.

Individual Member Information

Cornerstone Members

Alan Joyce AC & Shane Lloyd
Andrew Hoppe & Tom Hoe
Andrew Staite
Bill Chambers
Brian Terrence Reilly
Dr Craig White and Rod Anderson
Duncan Peerman & Paul Zahra
Elizabeth Jameson AM & Abbe Anderson
Georgina Byron & The Snow Foundation
Gorm Kirsch
Greg Livingstone
Ian Dickson & Reg Holloway
James Collins & Tony Nelson
Jeff Weeden & Gareth Bowler
John Allan & Darren Howard
John Douglass & Warren Stanborough
John Goldbaum

Kirby Adams & John Healy
Louise Daley & the Daley family
Martin Dickson AM & Susie Dickson
Peter Brennan AM & Michael Lynch
Peter Maher & Louise Fisher
Michael Gorman
Pippa Downes
Rob Grant
Rosalind & Diana Coffey
Sam Harvey
Shane & Odaria Finemore
Shelley Argent OAM
Tea Uglow
The Berg Family Foundation
The Selig Family
Tom Snow
Dr Vinay Kumar

Foundation Members

Professor Kerryn Phelps AM & Jackie Stricker-Phelps OAM
Mark Henry
Shannon Spriggs and Hugh Morgan

Foundation Supporters

Claire Spencer AM and Andrew Spencer
Colin Tate
Dr Glen Lo and Daniel Scarparolo
Mark Rodriguez
Steven Deveraux Stanford
Warner Whiteford
Wayne Woolley
Zac Hayes & Scott Aldred

Foundation Associates

Amanda Pullinger
Amber Sharp
Andrew Boyd
Andrew Housden
Annette Mullen
Benjamin Law
Bernard Ryan
Blainey North
Chris Doyle
Conrad Henley-Calvert
Dalia Klein
David Spree & Tim Topham
The Hon Don Harwin MLC
Fabiola Gibson
Fran Orr
Geoff Annabel
Glenn Christie OAM
Graham Thorburn
Howard Edelman
Ita Buttrose AC OBE
Jamal Hakim
James Boughton
Janis McAloon
Jenni Neary
Karen Brown
Laurie Cato-Smith

Lorraine Hall
Mark Sawyer
Mark Stewart
Martin Jovic
Matt Cooksey
Matt Shelmerdine
Dr Matthew Collins AM QC & Leonard Vary
Michael Silman
Paul Clark
Paul O’Sullivan
Dr Peter Carr
Peter Lovell
Peter McDonald
Richard Prunster
Robert Walker
Roger Hewitt
Sarah Percy-Dove
Sarah Trumble
Shaun Bornstein
Simone Ryan
Tanya Matthewson
The Honourable Justice Thomas Bradley
Tim & Jess Morden
Timothy Stutt
Tricia Carney-Bray
Victoria Tavendale
Wen-Jui Wu

Cornerstone Membership Announcements

June 2011

John Douglass and Warren Stanborough were the Foundation’s first Cornerstone Members. John and Warren donated $100,000 over four years, allowing the Foundation to flourish in its formative years. Warren also contributed to the Foundation as a non-executive director and member of the Scholarship Selection Committee.

November 2011 – The Clark Walton Scholarship

The Clark Walton Pinnacle Scholarship for architecture, design and planning, or visual and creative arts, was the first named scholarship to be announced by The Pinnacle Foundation. Clark was an out and proud gay man from his early twenties until his death aged 61 in March 2011. He was an award-winning architect with many of his designs appearing in leading style magazines. In 2002, Clark was awarded the Energy Efficiency/ESD Architecture Award for the Interactive Learning Centre at Charles Sturt University. Clark was a member of the RAIA and the Master Builders.

Clark started painting when he was at high school, achieving a very high result in Art in his HSC. He continued to paint throughout his working life, something from which he derived great pleasure and recognition from friends, family and colleagues. In later years, Clark devoted more time to painting based on the land and seascape around Coledale, where he spent his retirement. Close friends of Clark’s, Ian Dickson and his partner Reg Holloway, said they created an endowment because it was the best way they could celebrate Clark’s life and contribution to urban planning and design.

Ian said: “Clark Walton was an out gay man in the seventies before homosexual acts had been legalised in NSW. He was lucky in that he had supportive and understanding family members who were proud of who he was and what he had achieved. His family understood the importance of education and encouraged his interest in architecture. He was also a great supporter of the LGBTIQ+ community. So, my partner Reg Holloway and I knew that Clark would be happy that his name was being linked to a scholarship to help those in the community who had not had his advantages. We think Clark would have been especially enthusiastic about the concept of each scholarship recipient having a mentor to advise and encourage them in their special field of interest. We are delighted that this scholarship can both assist those who might otherwise not have had the chance to make the most of their abilities and keep the memory of our dear friend alive.”

September 2014 – The Duncan Peerman & Paul Zahra Scholarship

Paul and his partner, Duncan Peerman, hold very dear the values and aims of The Pinnacle Foundation. As a prominent businessman and former CEO of ASX-listed David Jones Ltd, Paul is an outstanding role model for young LGBTIQ+ scholars seeking to forge a career in the commercial world. Paul and Duncan have generously bestowed this scholarship which is open to all Pinnacle scholarship applicants.

June 2015 – The Selig Family Scholarship

Geoff is the Executive Chairman of ASX-listed diversified print and marketing communications business IVE Group Ltd. He has three daughters: Stephanie, Sarah and Amy.

Geoff Selig lauds the tangible support and encouragement that The Pinnacle Foundation provides to young LGBTIQ+ students at what is most often a seminal time in their lives. Geoff said, “I firmly believe that Pinnacle’s support to maximise one’s academic potential and broaden one’s skill base provides a wonderful foundation for the professional journey that lies ahead. At the same time, Pinnacle’s support is a key driver in building positive self-esteem. I am very pleased to be a Pinnacle Foundation Cornerstone Member.”

September 2015  The Pippa Downes Scholarship

The Pippa Downes Pinnacle Scholarship is awarded either to an athlete competing or training at the national level and aspiring to represent Australia, whilst also pursuing their full-time academic goals in any tertiary faculty or discipline, or to an Indigenous student.

Pippa is a professional non-executive director and was an inaugural non-executive director of The Pinnacle Foundation. Pippa is a keen sportsperson, being a former member of the Australian Swim Team. She represented Hong Kong at the International Rugby Sevens.

May 2017 – The James Collins & Tony Nelson Scholarship

The James Collins & Tony Nelson Scholarship is for students keen to pursue studies in science, digital or aviation either in TAFE or at a tertiary institution. This includes science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) courses, digital and computing, as well as aviation studies, including pilot training.

June 2017 – The Andrew Staite Scholarship

The Andrew Staite Scholarship is open to all Pinnacle scholarship applicants.

June 2017 – The John Goldbaum Scholarship

The John Goldbaum Scholarship is open to all Pinnacle scholarship applicants. John has been a generous benefactor to the LGBTIQ+ community for many years. His reason for bestowing a scholarship is simple: “We need to reward LGBTIQ+ visibility in order to achieve LGBTIQ+ equality.”

August 2017 – The Greg Livingstone Scholarship

The Greg Livingstone Scholarship is open to all Pinnacle scholarship applicants.

November 2017 – The Peter Brennan & Michael Lynch Scholarship

The Peter Brennan & Michael Lynch Scholarship is open to students ideally studying at The University of Western Sydney.

June 2018 – The Dr Craig White & Rod Anderson Tasmanian Scholarship

The Dr Craig White & Rod Anderson Scholarship is for a Tasmanian, first in family to attend university. Craig and Rod explain “We’ve benefited from vast social and legal changes in our own lifetime and see that the pathway to full and lasting equality will come from leadership arising from within the LGBTIQ+ community. Our Cornerstone donation will offer young Tasmanian LGBTIQ+ scholars the Pinnacle benefits so that they can achieve their own educational and leadership potential as well as for us to provide a visible and positive example within the Tasmanian community.”

June 2018 – The Harvey Milk Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by an anonymous donor to honour gay rights activist and visionary Harvey Milk. The donor, a student of history, wishes to ensure that we remember the history of the LGBTIQ+ movement and honour its heroes. This scholarship is open to all Pinnacle scholarship applicants.

July 2018 – The Ros & Diana Coffey Scholarship

The Ros & Diana Coffey Scholarship is open to all Pinnacle scholarship applicants.

January 2019 – The Maurice Joyce Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by Alan Joyce AC and Shane Lloyd in memory of Alan’s late father, Maurice Joyce. Mr Joyce was a firm believer in the importance of education to up possibilities in a person’s future and enabling them to fully reach their potential. The Maurice Joyce scholarship is open to all Pinnacle scholarship applicants who are studying in the fields of science or mathematics.

January 2019 – The Shelley Argent OAM Scholarship

This scholarship is named to honour the tireless work of LGBTIQ+ activist and philanthropist, Shelley Argent OAM. Shelley has committed her life to improve the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community and was a long-term campaigner in the marriage equality movement. This scholarship is open to any student studying at a Brisbane educational facility.

June 2019 – The Bill Chambers Scholarship

Bill Chambers was born in Ballarat, where he undertook his education and studies to become an engineer. Most of his working life was spent in Western Australia. In retirement, Bill spends his time between Perth and Sydney. This scholarship is open to all applicants.

July 2019 – The Frank Ford AM & Sam Harvey Scholarship

The Frank Ford AM & Sam Harvey Scholarship has been created by Sam Harvey in memory of his late partner, Frank Ford AM. Frank was Head of Drama at Adelaide University, Founding Chair of the Adelaide Festival Fringe organisation, and Founder of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Sam managed arts organisations. This scholarship is open to students from South Australia who are studying performing arts, technical theatre or arts management in South Australia.

July 2019 – The Murray J. Collins – The City Gardener Scholarship

The Murray J. Collins – The City Gardener Scholarship is funded by Rob Grant in memory of his late partner, Murray J. Collins. Murray grew up in country Victoria. For many years, Murray and Rob ran a highly successful business, The City Gardener. This scholarship is open to students from country Victoria. Ideally, they will seek to study in the fields of agriculture, horticulture or landscape design.

August 2019 – The Tea Uglow Scholarship

The Tea Uglow Scholarship is open to trans students who lack family support.

September 2019 – The Berg Family Foundation Scholarship

The Berg Family Foundation Scholarship is open to eligible applicants who are Indigenous or first in family to undertake higher education from rural or remote Australia.

December 2019 – The Allan Howard Scholarship

The Allan Howard Scholarship was created by John Allan and Darren Howard and is open to eligible applicants from rural or regional Australia. John grew up in Western Victoria and Darren in Western NSW. They both understand how hard it can be to identify as LGBTIQ+ in these types of settings, and from families that often don’t have the financial means to support a good education.

January 2020 – The Dr Vinay Kumar Scholarship

The Dr Vinay Kumar Scholarship is awarded to students studying either medicine or a performing arts discipline.

June 2020 – The Peter Brennan AM & Michael Lynch Scholarship (No. 2)

Peter Brennan AM & Michael Lynch have generously funded a second named scholarship, ideally to be awarded to students who have grown up in Western Sydney.

June 2020 – The Michael Gorman Scholarship

The Michael Gorman Scholarship is open to all Pinnacle scholarship applicants.