Since it was established in 2009, The Pinnacle Foundation has flourished, due to the tireless commitment of our volunteers, and the generosity of our donors.

The Pinnacle Foundation would like to honour those that have committed years of their discretionary time to offer their skills, support and guidance, as well as help represent and govern Pinnacle.

Time passes and, people move on however, we would like to pay tribute to their generous commitment and ensure that their names are always remembered.


Catherine McGregor AM
Jackie Stricker Phelps OAM
Professor Kerryn Phelps AM


Alex Blackwell


Brian Terrence Reilly

Board Directors

Bohdan Abrat
Dr Ann Stewart
Fran Kelly
Geoff Selig
Michelle Rogers
Pippa Downes
Stephen Barrow-Yu

Long Term Volunteers - Retired

Aaron Hockly
Alan Smith
Geoff Annabel
Ian Gould
Joe Sbarro
Kalpaka Kamakshi

Long Term Volunteers - Retired

Martin Comans
Nathan Parker
Rebekah Gay
Steven Deveraux Stanford
Warren Perumal