“There are lots of scholarships and most of them are wonderful investments in the future of admirable young people. But the Pinnacle scholarships are special. They lift up young people who are not only talented but have often faced dire problems with their families, beliefs and communities. Helping young people to restore confidence in themselves and a trust in the goodness of society that once seemed hostile is something very precious.”

The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG
Former Justice of the High Court of Australia

The Pinnacle Foundation provides educational scholarships, mentoring and opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ Australians to realise their full potential and overcome challenges arising from their identity.

By leaving a bequest to Pinnacle you will help to ‘light the spark’ and provide an enduring legacy that transforms young lives.

Leaving a gift to the Pinnacle Foundation

To ensure your assets and belongings go directly to the people you love and the causes you are passionate about, it is essential to write a will. A solicitor can help draft your will to ensure your wishes are clear.

A bequest is a gift left in your will. You can leave a bequest by writing a new will, or by adding a codicil (an addition) to your existing will.

How will my bequest be applied?

Your generous donation could:

Help us fund future scholarships by growing our scholarship endowment fund
Support a ‘named scholarship’ in your memory or to honour a loved one (for gifts over $100,000)
Fund the scholars’ annual induction weekend, where we bring together new scholars from all over Australia for the first time
Help sustain the Pinnacle program, including attracting, selecting and supporting scholars, and matching mentors with scholars.

How do I make a bequest to the Pinnacle Foundation?

Typically, the types of bequest gift you might consider are:

Residuary gift: with this gift you leave a percentage of your estate after other distributions. A residuary gift will keep up with inflation. It is a simple way to give a gift of real value
Percentage of your estate: allows you to decide what percentage of your total estate you would like to give to Pinnacle. If your estate grows or depreciates over time, your family and friends, or other beneficiaries, will not be disadvantaged by fluctuations
Pecuniary gift: simply put, this is a fixed sum of money, large or small, that you wish to leave to us
Specific gift: a specific bequest is the gift of particular items, and could include antiques, jewellery or paintings.
To remember Pinnacle in your will, we recommend:

“I give, free of any relevant duties, charges or taxes [the residue of my estate / % of my whole estate / % of the residue of my estate / the specific sum of $ / list specific items or property details] to The Pinnacle Foundation (ABN 81 127 662 604) of PO Box 990 Potts Point NSW 1335 Australia, absolutely for the general purposes of The Pinnacle Foundation. I direct that a receipt of The Pinnacle Foundation should be a sufficient discharge of my Trustee or Executor.”

We prefer gifts to be of a general nature. If you are considering a gift for a specific purpose, please discuss this with us or your solicitor first to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

For further information

If you plan to leave a bequest to Pinnacle, or have already included the Foundation in your will, please let us know. With your permission, we may recognise you as a legacy supporter. We thank you for your generosity.

For more information or to discuss your gift in will, please contact:

Sean Linkson, Founding Patron, on 0414 279 880 or [email protected]

Andrew Staite, CEO & Managing Director, on 0411 111 154 or [email protected]