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The Pinnacle Foundation provides educational scholarships and mentoring to LGBTQIA+ youth so that they can realise their full potential, because nobody should be rejected, judged or mistreated for simply being who they are.

But there’s one first step we can all take to create an environment of acceptance for those around us, minimising, or perhaps avoiding these unfortunate situations altogether.

And that’s simply talking.

Ok, we know it doesn’t always seem that simple. Perhaps a little umm… awkward to say the least. But we encourage you to be brave and embrace those awkward conversations! Be a cringe crusader. A steadfast stutterer! Because as uncomfortable as it might be at first, these chats can be life changing for LGBTQIA+ youth.

Be an embarrassador for change.


Why we exist

Our vision is for a more diverse and inclusive society with visible LGBTQIA+ role models. We want all LGBTQIA+ youth to realise their full potential, become self-reliant, maintain their dignity and be inspired to give back themselves.

Sadly, not all youth have the support they need at home or at school. Research reveals LGBTQIA+ youth are between 5 and 11 times more likely to attempt self-harm or experience psychological distress due to stigma, discrimination or abuse. And that low self-esteem, family disruption and peer victimisation make it extremely difficult for young people to complete their education.

Education enriches us and empowers us. It helps us to expand our life choices and can significantly improve our quality of life.

That’s why The Pinnacle Foundation’s flagship program provides multi-year scholarships for students between 18 and 26 at higher education institutions around Australia. We carefully match every scholar with a mentor who shares the same academic and professional interests, gender identity and sexual orientation. Because sometimes you need to see it, to be it.

Help us help them

We rely on generous donations to fund our program. Your donation will help us to educate, support and sustainably transform the lives of young scholars.

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