We exist to give young students who because of their gender identity, sexual orientation or sexual characteristics have been prevented or hindered from the chance to achieve their full potential.
To light the spark within.

Even in today’s society, LGBTIQ+ people need assistance to overcome the extra hurdles they encounter.

The Pinnacle Foundation’s focus is simple – we are helping LGBTIQ+ young adults to reach their full potential, and overcome their disadvantages. Our goal is to help young people position themselves for success, transform society for the better, and enable them to be an inspiration to the generation that follows them.

Meet Our Scholars

We provide financial scholarships to students across Australia.

For those wishing to complete high school or are ready to start University or TAFE we can help. Irrespective of their goals, we offer the financial support and resources they need to kick-start their career path.

We believe that mentorship is as important as financial support.

Some young LGBTIQ+ students face a tough time coming out to their families, friends and schools, with many finding themselves without the money and support needed to keep up their studies. Our scholarships program can help with that and,.equally as important, we match each scholar with a mentor to guide them through their studies. Someone who shares the same sexual identity, location and professional field and knows what it’s like to walk in their shoes.

Become a Mentor

The Pinnacle Foundation relies solely on donations.

What we do cannot be done without the support of many individual and corporate donors and supporters – we do not receive any federal or state government funding.
Our goal is to have enough money to fund many scholarships every year, and with the continued support of our Community, to strengthen our national presence.

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