What do I have to do once I am selected as a Pinnacle Scholar?

By June 16, 2009FAQ

We will give you a contract to sign and return to us before any funds are transferred. The contract is an agreement, a commitment by both of us that you will keep the mentor meetings (in person or by phone), achieve good half-yearly results, will support Pinnacle’s vision, be willing to occasionally speak publicly at Pinnacle events and provide Pinnacle with official education notifications. It also covers your commitment to spend the funds in accordance with your stated expenditure schedule set out in your application.

In December we start our mentor search for you. The Mentor relationship is very important and the relationship is there for you to discuss issues and outcomes and anything else that is of concern to you. Wherever possible this mentor will have a background in the discipline/field you have selected to study, share your sexual identity and live close by.