The Pinnacle Foundation has been established to provide scholarships to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer students who are marginalised or disadvantaged. We saw a big need in the LGBT+ community that was not being met.

“Receiving a scholarship from the Pinnacle Foundation meant a great deal to me, a lot more than just receiving financial aid.  It meant an amazing education, a lifestyle that I want and the realisation of my dream profession.  It meant that I can be the person I need to and it meant that I can make a difference.”

18 year old scholar, Harrison, studying a Bachelor of Design (Honours)

We exist to give young LGBT+ students the chance to achieve their full potential, to light the spark within them. For those who want to complete high school, or are ready to start TAFE or university we can help. Irrespective of the career path one aspires to we may be able to offer the financial support and resources one needs to kick-start their career path.

We know that some young LGBT+s can face a tough time coming out to their families, friends and schools, with some finding themselves without the money and support needed to keep up their studies. Our scholarships program can help with that, but equally as important, we can provide mentoring support from someone in the same professional field to guide you through your studies. Someone who is the same gender and sexuality as you and knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

“To be mentored by a successful LGBT+ identified person who is working in a discipline I am interested in really creates confidence and provides an invaluable experience. This scholarship will enable me to succeed with my goals and has shown me that hard work and perseverance pays off. I’m very much looking forward to getting started with my course and mentor. Thank you so much to The Pinnacle Foundation for creating such a fantastic opportunity for the LGBT+ community.”

23 year old, Richelle, studying a Bachelor of Nursing

We know from our own experience and from what our applicants tell us that having completed an education can make a big difference in this world.

We want to help LGBT+ students create the lives they dream of so that they can act as future role models for others. Our aim is to have enough money to fund many scholarships every year and with the continued support of our Community, to strengthen our national presence.

Our strategy and priorities reflect our aspirations in a very practical and achievable way and emphasise team work and collaboration. Please take the time to look around our site and learn more about us – we’re glad you dropped by.

“The vital support of the Pinnacle Foundation at this time in my academic career has been an overwhelming privilege to receive. This generous scholarship will not only help to relieve the financial burden of my full-time studies, but will also provide me with a mentor who will help to foster my development as both a student and as a member of the LGBT+ community. I look forward to working with such a remarkable foundation in 2014.”

Caitlyn Georgeson, 20, from Adelaide, SA, studying a Bachelor of Law/Arts at the University of Adelaide